Here are our favorite ways to work this dramatic but undemanding neutral into your home decor.

1. Pair brown with lighter, brighter colors.
Pair brown with lighter, brighter colors. Create a palette that is perfect for a living room, dining room or bedding ensemble using fabrics featuring browns, creams and pops of warm reds. Switch the red for navy and you have the same stately look.
Brown also looks great mixed with brighter, bolder accent colors. In a mix of fabrics, add in a liberal amount of cream, then threaded in a bit of sage and celadon. I also love turquoise, apple green, fuchsia (any pink, actually), orange and yellow with brown.

2. Bring brown alive through pattern.
The secret to keeping a focused palette interesting and alive is to swirl the colors together with lots of different patterns. The mix of patterns in the furnishings is the key to success.

3. Use brown to spotlight lighter accents and artwork.
Great artwork can get lost on a light wall if you are not careful. But when you hang lighter pieces against a moody, dark canvass of brown, it pops!

4. Add brown to make spaces soothing.
Warm and wonderful, brown pillows on a comfy cream sofa look ready for your Sunday nap.

5. Pair brown with earthy accents.
The color of bark and soil and fall leaves, brown is a natural when paired with earthy accents.
A rustic wood table is a perfect celebration of brown in all its many shades and finishes.