4 Ways To Decorate a Sofa you don’t Love (No Slipcovers Required)

Not everyone is in the position of tossing out the old to make way for the new (or DIYed). If you’re stuck with a couch that doesn’t exactly excite you (whether because it came with your partner or you don’t have the funds to replace), consider a quick fix, instead: Disguise it with one of these ideas.

Now, in all fairness, the couches featured in the photos of this post are hardly unattractive. But they still illustrate principles you could use on your not-as-attractive couch to try and make it seem a bit better (if at the very least a bit different).

Make it blend into its surroundings more

If you don’t love your couch yet its shape or color makes it contrast and stand out, fight against that. Spread the color in the couch somewhere else. DIY a piece of art that features that color predominantly or even use a wall color that will be similar to it or complement with it. Paint a furniture piece in a similar color. Or find a piece of furniture that mimics the shape and place it in the same room. It might seem counter-intuitive to put more of whatever couch element is annoying you the most into your space, but it’ll actually take away that element’s power, or at least make it seem less potent.

Upgrade the texture

Drowning your couch in a new texture — like a sheepskin or two — will distract from the couch’s own material and give your seat a softer sensation to enjoy. It doesn’t have to be sheepskin, though; you could use a really textured knit blanket or throw pillow to work the same effect, or perhaps even a cowhide.

So many pillows!

If you’re not into the bohemian look, you might want to stay away from this idea. However, one of the easiest ways to disguise a couch you don’t adore is to cover it up with some of your favorite throw pillows. Bright colors and patterns are great, but if you want to disguise your sofa without overwhelming your room, just consider a set of uniform or monochromatic pillows arranged neatly.

Use throw blankets to alter

The thing about throw blankets is they tend to be, well, casually thrown on couches and chairs a lot. And while that can definitely make a difference to the look of a couch, something that can be even more powerful is using blankets with your couches with intention. Unlike a slip cover that goes over the whole couch, using a blanket to create a tight stripe like the above photograph, or to only lay across the bottom cushions, or to only fold on the armrests, approaches the aesthetics of your couch in an intentional way, altering the shape and pattern of it, and maybe even altering the look. You can stick to solid colors, or play with pattern to create an even larger visual impact.


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